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Martin Harrison

Psychic Medium, Card Reader and Healer


About Martin

Martin was born in Leicester, England, and grew up in the small village of Queniborough, where he lived until he moved to Wales in 1976.

He has been aware of the spirit world since childhood, when he often saw psychic energies and also spirit people: a young North American Indian boy used to appear to him at bedtime, sitting on his windowsill and playing an instrument that resembled a flute.

Martin's mother is a sensitive - as were several generations of his family before her - and many of them had mediumistic gifts; therefore, in childhood unusual psychic occurrences seemed quite "normal" events to him. He assumed everyone could see what he saw, and it was only as he grew older that he realised he was different from other children.

In adulthood, he spent time developing his natural psychic skills at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, and for six years he has studied at The Academy of Psychic and Spiritual Studies in Swansea, gaining mediumship and healing qualifications. He now teaches alongside tutors at The Academy of Psychic and Spiritual Studies, in Swansea on some of the courses offered there.

He now appreciates more fully the depth and breadth of his mediumistic and psychic skills, and uses them to provide evidence of survival from those who have passed over into the next world - and his services are in great demand.


 South Wales, United Kingdom