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Martin Harrison

Psychic Medium, Card Reader and Healer



Philosophy comes from the combination of two Greek words philo (love)and sophia (wisdom), which together can be translated as ‘a love of wisdom’.

Martin has a deep love for spiritual wisdom and its practice, and he lives by his convictions. He is a great believer that, ‘Sharing all kinds of spiritual work brings with it a vital need to exercise professional ethics and to implement a respectful code of moral responsibilities. My role in serving the spirit world is undoubtedly a calling – a spiritual commitment. Whenever a medium is able to touch someone’s soul with a spirit message, which brings love, light, compassion, and survival evidence into their lives, that medium's reward is knowing that they have increased that person’s joy.’

He believes. 'There is a natural flow of spiritual comfort and upliftment available to anyone who seeks its inspiration, and this infinite power can help us to lead more loving and fulfilling lives - no matter what our needs or circumstances are.’

Over the years, Martin has also experienced many fascinating contacts with Angelic beings. ‘The Angels are all around us,’ he says, ‘helping us daily, and trying their best to guide us along our spiritual pathways.’

In addition to a great interest in people and a deep respect for their many and varied beliefs, he feels strong spiritual links to the animal kingdom and to Nature - connections that inspire him 'to continue spreading the great message of spiritual love and respect for all living and inanimate things.'

When asked to provide a wise quote for this page, he said: 'There’s a saying from the Buddha that I’d like to share with you; it certainly holds true for me, and I hope it may strike a deep spiritual chord within you':

"The way is not in the sky - the way is in the heart." '

(GautamaBuddha - 5 Century BCE).

To Contact Martin via email: [email protected]